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Chromebook Support

How to get help

Welcome to our IT Services for Students at Summit High School! Our dedicated IT specialist is here to assist with all your Chromebook needs. Our office hours are from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday. If you require assistance when the office is closed, don't worry! You can easily open a service ticket by visiting the Learn21 incident creation dashboard, ensuring that we're always ready to support you, no matter the time. Your educational journey is important to us, and we're here to keep your technology running smoothly.


These prices outline the cost of various IT services we offer, ensuring your Chromebooks and associated components are well-maintained and functioning efficiently.

Chromebook Services:
   $200 Chromebook Replacement

Hardware Replacement Services:
   $100 System Board Replacement (Motherboard, Raw Panel)
   $100 Raw Panel Replacement
   $75 Mechanical Assemblies (Hinge, Top Case, Bezel) Replacement
   $55 C-Cover with Keyboard Replacement
   $55 LCD Display (Screen) Replacement
   $30 LCD Bezel Replacement
   $30 Battery Replacement
   $25 LCD Part Replacement
   $20 Hard Case Replacement
   $25 Charger Replacement
   $25 Main Board Replacement
   $15 Internal Speakers Replacement
   $25 Miscellaneous Internal Card Replacement
   $15 Option Tape Replacement
   $25 Camera Replacement
   $15 Camera Cable Replacement
   $15 Cable Internal Replacement
   $25 Covers Replacement
   $10 Wireless LAN Adapter Replacement
   $15 Kits - Screw & Label Replacement

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