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Loaner Procurement Guide: Device Locker

Follow these straightforward steps to seamlessly acquire a loaner device from our Learn21 Device Locker:

  1. Scan the QR code or navigate to the Learn21 dashboard on your device.

  2. Fill in 2 out of the 3 required fields - Student ID, Student Email, and Device ID.

  3. Choose the device you wish to attach to the issued loaner. A list of your devices will be available for selection.

  4. Indicate the reason for needing a loaner - whether it's for a repair or if you've forgotten your device.

  5. If you've selected "Repair," specify the reason for repair from the provided options.

  6. The locker will be automatically selected for you. Simply click "Continue" to proceed.

  7. Click on "Create Incident" to formalize your request for a loaner device.

  8. Enter the assigned bay number on the device locker.

  9. Input the PIN provided to you. This ensures secure access to the locker.

  10. Open the designated bay, retrieve the loaner device, and if applicable, place your device into the bay. Close the bay securely.

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